Executive Search Outsourcing (ESO) Print


Our ESO service is an extension of our core RPO service in which we work closely with clients looking to develop an integrated approach to the identification, development, management and acquisition of talent. We build embedded resources, systems and tools to help our clients track and acquire talent using largely passive search methodologies in line with their internal talent management programmes.

Our Executive Search service is a consultative, collaborative and transparent process through which we identify, attract and present outstanding candidates who will make a real difference to our clients' organisations.

Candidates with the desired level of experience are usually too busy to look at job boards and advertisements, are well regarded and highly valued by their employers and may be sufficiently secure and happy in their current roles not to be tempted towards a move.

Typically what these candidates respond to is an opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge base; a better and intellectually stimulating environment; and greater scope for career progression. These messages are delivered more effectively on a one‑to‑one approach by a consultant and it is for this reason why we do not use research or associates to make this approach.